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iPhone Lock Screens : Apple Drops iPhone Lockscreen

a fresh looking apple iphone lockscreen with fresh waterdrops which run over your screen. Instructions: Supports: iOS 4.x - 4.2.x - 4.3.x - 5.0.x Instructions to configure LockBackground.html * Adjusting your weather location To change the weather go to and enter your location, then click on the "Find Weather" tab. Next, in the address bar, copy the 8-character code (Example: ITXX0042 = Milan,Italy). Open the LockBackground.html file and search for "var locale" then paste your weather code in the "ITXX0042". If you want to change the weather to Fahrenheit, search for "var isCelsius" and then change this to "false". Example: “var isCelsius = true” will display your temperature in Celsius. * Settings 12-24 Hours Open file LockBackground.html with editor text and search: // Convert an hours component of "0" to "12" //currentHours = ( currentHours == 0 ) ? currentHours + 24 : currentHours; // Convert the hours component to 12-hour format if needed //currentHours = ( currentHours > 12 ) ? currentHours - 12 : currentHours; remove only "//" in --> // Convert an hours component of "0" to "12" here --> currentHours = ( currentHours == 0 ) ? currentHours + 24 : currentHours; // Convert the hours component to 12-hour format if needed here --> currentHours = ( currentHours > 12 ) ? currentHours - 12 : currentHours; save berfore exit,enjoy ;) * Setting days-months and rename with your language var this_weekday_name_array = new Array("Sun","Mon","Tue","Wed","Thu","Fri","Sat") var this_month_name_array = new Array("January","February","March", "April","May","June","July","August","September", "October","November","December") * Setting your custom wallpaper Select your preferred wallpaper and rename it to “Layer.png” and delete or rename original wallpaper.. Respring the device. enjoy :D * hidden clock on the lockscreen for iOS 4.x Lockscreen Clock hide support only 4.x - 4.2.x - 4.3.x - 5.0.x Credits: @ulysseleviet for skin mod by me @Laugent for slide @bioshare for Wallpaper modding <--------- Readme -----------> You like my works? (see my gallery on my DeviantArt) Please give me something to continue with the development of other themes :D with PayPal my email is: *all donations are well accepted ;) Created by DemoneLatino™ See my more LS ->

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